To participate in BEST activities including courses you need to register on the site

What is needed?

To complete the registration we need to verify that you are regularly enrolled at La Sapienza so we need the Certificate of Registration

How to get it?


From Smartphone

  • Open the app Infostud
  • Take a screenshot of your profilescreenshot_20161004-121843




From PC

  • Go to
  • Enter Infostudscreencapture-studenti-uniroma1-it-phoenix-index-html-1475531105369
  • Click on “Degrees courses”
  • Click on “Certificates”
  • Click on “Subscription”screencapture-studenti-uniroma1-it-phoenix-index-html-1475531131683
  • Click on “Print”, a pdf will be downloaded automatically


  • Send us the pdf or screenshot here




    • Wait for our answer, if you have any questions, contact us and above all, do not worry because the validation can be done even after the application deadline