What is BEST?


BEST (Board of European Students of Technology)is a non-profit, apolitical and non-governmental European organization of students of Technological- Scientific Faculty, born in 1989 in Bruxelles.

The main objective of the organization is to tighten the relationship between students of the most important technical faculties of Europe, companies and universities. With its services, BEST helps students to develop an attitude to work in an international environment and to open up to different European cultural realities. BEST is present in 97 universities in 34 different countries through local BEST groups, creating an innovative, well organized and growing network of students.

We also help students in their careers with our service called BEST Career Support, which connects students with some of the largest companies in Europe and connects companies with more than 30,000 science and technology students in Europe.





BEST Rome is a student association, which offers its services to students and graduates of the technological faculties of Sapienza – University of Rome. BEST Rome was founded the8 february of the 1994 by 8 students of the Faculty of Engineering, who decided to take up the challenge and carry the BEST spirit also in the capital.

Since then the group has grown and, despite having experienced moments of decline, today counts more than 40 active members, constantly growing; the catchment area is vast and includes the faculties of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Engineering, Aerospace Engineering School, Medicine, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies and Architecture.

Especially in recent years there has been an interesting growth of the group, both in terms of number of members and activities proposed and implemented, a sign of the importance of giving a European-style vision to students of technological subjects.

The group has established strong relationships with some prestigious companies, which have contributed to the growth of the association’s name within the faculty: for them BEST Roma has committed itself to establish a privileged channel of communication with students and graduates.

JobStart is a prime example of this policy of “Contact” between the world of work and young graduates.

BEST Rome indeed offers the opportunity, very special for a student, to become part of an association organized as the world of work and therefore to acquire the ability to work in international teams, to meet deadlines and tasks assigned while still living and enjoying all this respecting the values ​​of friendship, and above all immerging fully in different cultures and places, with almost no costs.

There are experiences that seem almost simplistic to narrate in a few lines, such as the thrill of receiving birthday greetings from all over Europe, or the feeling of having a whole continent ahead, in whichtraveling, studying, working, or to acquire full awareness of one’s own relational, linguistic and work attitudes, to be able to propose and propose oneself, and above all to know how to realize concrete initiatives.

All of this was given by BEST Roma to its members and to many other students and students. On one thing we all agree: anyone who knows BEST Rome regrets not having known it before!



Courses on Technology

Courses with cutting-edge technological and technological subjects of interest from all over Europe. Each BEST group of Europe organizes a course on a specific topic to which all students can apply and participate. Thanks to the Courses on Technology we have the opportunity to travel very cheaply, in fact the costs of board and lodging for the entire event are fully supported by the BEST group that hosts the course! Do not miss the chance, apply to BEST Courses!



EBEC – European BEST Engineering Competition

Competitions in which the engineering students of our university cahallenge their self by addressing Case Study of optimization and resolution of theoretical and practical problems, provided by Companies, which represent the first step of EBEC. In the second step instead, the Team Design, instead we see the creation of a working prototype with the purpose of performing tasks.



Career Day

JobStart is a job fair, whose goal is to promote the meeting between universities, companies and students. Participating in the fair you will have the opportunity to measure with the HR of the most prestigious Roman and Italian companies, deliver the curriculum, attend company presentations and workshops and find the job of your dreams!




Training and Seminars

BEST Rome internally organizes training and professional training seminars for the personal growth of our members. Each training varies from topic to topic and provides to give you a good part of practice. This is why it is said that BEST is a gym of life, an education complementary to the university.