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BEST aims to create links between Students, Companies and Universities, thanks to its services, it helps the students to develop a work attitude in an International background and to deal with different cultures.

BEST Rome is present in Rome since 1994, at the Engineering Faculty of “La Sapienza – University of Rome”, where, for over 20 years, it offers its services to more than 15,000 students.

BEST Rome is one of the 6 Italian Local Group and the 94 in Europe, which organizes EBEC Local Round every year, at the Engineering Faculty of “La Sapienza” in San Pietro in Vincoli.

The participants number is growing every year, reaching an average of 100 participants. The students are divided into Teams, formed by 4 people.

“La Sapienza” is the biggest University in Italy, through our promotion, you can get in contact with the students, showing your products and / or your business services.

EBEC is an event, so BEST Rome generally uses social information and channels like Facebook, Linkedin and Newsletter.

We can give you the opportunity to reach directly the students in a simple and efficient way.

The Team Design is the realization of a functioning engineering prototype, designed with the purpose of carrying out a given task.

It is designed for companies which want to propose a model creation, to test or to disclose the use of any material or tool. In fact, the companies are among the most frequent partners in each EBEC edition, supplying electronic materials and tools.

Do you want to submit or create a business problem?

Through the Case Study, you can have the opportunity to see all the solutions, that means to have 20 different approaches to a same problem.

Furthermore, you can also ask for the participants’ CV, which are undergraduates or graduates in Engineering.


EBEC gives visibility to Companies within the University environment, through direct contact with participants and indirect contact thanks to the event’s advertising.

The promotion is a great opportunity, especially for companies, whose services have a mainly academic audience.

The biggest opportunity for Companies is to refer a test for students: Case Study or Team Design, provided by partners. The test solutions will be shared with the Company, which will be able to evaluate the different approaches used in the problem solution and it will have the opportunity to contact the participants, which the Company considers interesting.